Corporate Overview

Semrush is a leading online visibility management SaaS platform that enables companies globally to identify and reach the right audience in the right context and through the right channels. Semrush allows our customers to understand trends, derive unique and actionable insights to improve their websites and social media pages, and distribute highly relevant content to their targeted customers across a variety of digital channels. We empower companies to improve their online visibility across key channels through a holistic strategy.

Semrush & Artificial Intelligence

Semrush has always been an early adopter and avid proponent of AI, particularly its ability to enhance productivity, streamline manual labor, and create inspiring content for marketers and business owners all around the world. We’ve been experimenting with Generative AI since 2019, and between our own products and App Center, we’ve created the ultimate toolkit of AI-powered solutions. We are committed to add and improve functionality to make marketing even simpler and more effective for companies of any size, through AI and other cutting-edge innovations.

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